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RGB Research Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Red Green and Blue Company which was set up in 1987 by two former BBC producers: Max Whitby and Cathy Collis. Originally, RGB speciallised in interactive production, particularly in the field of science and learning. More recently, the company has become directly involved in scientific projects. In 2005 RGB Research moved to laboratory premises in West London to expand the science side of the business. Meanwhile RGB's media activities continue: 1) in partnership with Theodore Gray to produce beautiful displays presenting and exploring the periodic table of elements; and 2) with the natural history digital publishing company BirdGuides in which RGB is a substantial shareholder. In 2010 Max Whitby became CEO of the digital publishing company Touch Press. The links left and below provide further information.


Collaboration with Imperial College
to develop nanoscale devices for
medical diagnosis.
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Beautiful displays and boxed sets
with real samples of all the natural
elements in the periodic table.
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BAFTA-winning interactive productions
about science, technology and the
natural world.
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$5 million Web/DVD/Broadcast project
on 50th anniversary of the DNA double
helix (with Windfall Films).
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Immersive 3D show
for the British Museum,
(with Windfall Films).
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1 x 50 mins science documentary
for Horizon BBC 2.

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13 x 60 mins documentary series of
birdwatching adventures around the
world (with BirdGuides Ltd).
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Interactive installation for
Holy Island visitor centre.

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DVD encylopaedia of human emotions.
Produced in association with
Cambridge University.
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